Welforward Neighbourhood Plan

Last updated: 13 Aug 2015

Latest News

  1. On the 5th August, 2015 the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Welford-on-Avon was formally submitted to Stratford-on-Avon District Council. To ensure the best possible quality of submission the required documents were sent for a health check from the Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examination Referral Service (NPIERS). The results of the Health Check can be found here. The final submission documents can be found in the Planning Section of the Parish Council website.
  2. The Pre-Submission Consultation version of the Neighbourhood Plan is still available for download.
  3. Draft 11 of the Neighbourhood Plan has been used by Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Welford-on-Avon Parish Council in the Appeal Public Enquiry to defend our village from the proposed 95 home development by Gladman. The appeal result is currently pending.
  4. Draft 10 of the Neighbourhood Plan has been reviewed by our Parish Council, Stratford-on-Avon District Council and our Planning Consultant during July 2014. We are now updating the main document with a view to producing the next draft for parish consultation in the near future.
  5. Another thank you to parishioners for the very construcutive feedback received in the April 2014 consultation where draft policies were also given their first validation check.
  6. Welford in first community group to get super-fast broadband - More information here
  7. Facebook link added to the site to dedicated Facebook page
  8. Updated Results from the December 1st Consultation Event Feedback are now available in the Draft Plan Area
  9. A very big thank you to the large number of parishioners who attended our update and consultation meetings in the Memorial Hall on Dec 1st. Your feedback will be extremely useful and with such a good attendance it really shows the support of Welford residents for protecting and evolving our parish appropriately. All the documents from the event are published in the Plan Area where we also put new iterations and the policy documents as they become available.
  10. We now have a separate page for Save Welford Action Group (SWAG)
  11. We urge you to support the Save Welford Action Group which is the tactical response of the Parish Council to the current planning demands, threats and opportunities to and for our village.
    The Welford Neighbourhood Plan is the strategic solution which is still at least a year away from being legally enforceable.
  12. Dorsington and Wilmcote are the latest local parishes to start the Neighbourhood Development Plan process. Wilmcote is also a Local Service Village like Welford as assessed by SDC.
  13. Some of the team met with SDC Planners on the 17th September. There is a clear mutual benefit in working more closely together to ensure the Welford plan is fully congruent with the emerging Local Plan / Core Strategy of Straford District Council.
  14. Draft Plan document(s) first file for comment released on 24th August which we will keep iterating documents for ongoing parishioner or other third party comments
  15. Notification from SDC to our Parish council about the latest consultation on the Core Strategy.
  16. SDC announce new consultation on the latest Core Strategy running from Thursday 1st August to Friday 13th September.
  17. Welford Neighbourhood Plan project (Welforward) successful in 'Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning' application
  18. Survey Results are now available. Please take a look
  19. Our Parish Council have now collected around one hundred email addresses of village residents. This is a great way to keep informed of village events and activities. Please make sure you sign up through the contact form at the Parish website
  20. Map of Welford Conservation Area
  21. Welford Census 2011 information released.
  22. Stratford District Council formal confirmation of Application for Neighbourhood Plan Area
  23. The survey maps remain available online for your reference