Evidence Base: Additional Information

Last updated: 15 Sep 2015

Additional Miscellaneous Documents & References
Department of Transport - Transport Assessment Guidelines
May 2000 Built-up area boundary map of Welford
Warwickshire Highway Construction Details 2013
Warwickshire Guide to RoadDesign
DCLG Permitted Development for Householders - Technical Guidance April 2014
Habitat Biodiversity Audit 2013 - Cress Hill
Historical Environmental Record (Document)
Historical Environmental Record (Map) - large file
Potential New Settlements and Sustainable Urban Extensions Report by Peter Brett consultants
Nick Boles response on relative position of NPs
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Final Report - Oct 13
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Level 1 Main Document (32MB FILE!)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Historical Flood Records (30MB FILE!)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Surface Water Flood Maps (27MB FILE!)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Sewer Flooding
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: Canals & Reservoirs
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update - Jan 2013
Sustainable Low Carbon Buildings SPD from SDC
Long Compton NDP Consultation Draft
CIL - SDC Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
Village Boundary guidelines
Planning Aid Presentation (requires powerpoint)
Agricultural Land Classificaton for Natural England
Welford Dwelling breakdown from Warwick Observatory
Welford population breakdown from Warwick Observatory
Cress Hill designation as Local Wildlife Site by SDC
Stratford Voice Letter to SDC Council re housing - May 2013
Welford Business Survey Consultees
Planning Officers S106/CIL Advice Note - April 2011
Sport England NPPF Summary (draft)
High court challenge to Neighbourhood Plan fails
Appeal falls foul of neighbourhood plan
Latest CORE Strategy from SDC
Broughton Astley NP trumps lack of 5 year supply
Latest Quarterly 5 year housing supply from SDC (Mar14)
Easier neighbourhood planning?
Written ministerial statement by Nick Boles
Weight of emerging Neighbourhood Plans
Setback for neighbourhood plan
Northumberland win on dark skies policy
Latest Newsletter on NP - Editon 8
Education Provision for Welford on Avon agenda item 5
Planning Resource (incl comment Worcestershire housing figures are unreliable)
Cash boost for councils backing neighbourhood planning
SDC Housing Supply
Tattenhall NP Site
Online Planning Guidance Service
Agricultural Land Classification for West Midlands
Valuation Office Agency
Minister unveils permitted development package
DCLG Consultation on possible permitted development rights for farm building conversions - see paras 32-38
RTPI Up Front E-Bulletin - July
RTPI Planning Aid website
SDC Statement of Community Involvement, 2006 - appendices 4&5 have consulteee lists
SDC Sustainability Appraisal, 2011
SDC Intended/Proposed Core Strategy - July Release
Stratford Neighbourhood Plan video
Special Landscape Areas Arden SLA, which includes Binton Woods, borders the parish to the N of the B439. See figure 8 in the document
Landscape Sensitivity Survey LARGE DOCUMENT - Welford is covered at pages B784 - 831
Ecological & Geological Survey
Historic Environment Assessment LARGE DOCUMENT - Welford is covered at pages 258 - 265.
January 2013 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)
SHLAA Selected Site Information
Locality Neigbourhood Planning Support site
Lessons from flagship neighbourhood plan
Two more NP plans approved
Notes on Neighbourhood Planning - issue 5
SDC paper discussing possible methodologies for determining the numbers of houses to be built in LSVs (including Welford) up to 2028.